Before getting started, you should remember 3 things...

Landing Page SEO

#1. Your website is made up of landing pages, also known as web pages or just pages.

Visitors can enter your website though any landing page like a service page, product page, your home page, different blog articles, or any other page you add to your site.

#2. Google ranks landing pages in their search results, not websites.

Websites can have 100's or even 1,000's of pages, so providing the best landing pages get people much closer to he information they're looking for.

OMS Score

#3. OMS Score determines how optimized a landing page is for a target keyword or phrase.

A landing page’s OMS score is out of 100 points and should tell you how optimize a specific landing page is for your target keyword or phrase. What is OMS Score?

Need more information?
Here's my 2-minute video explanation!