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Analyze and optimize each page of your website. Track your keyword rankings in Google.

How OptimizeMySite works.

free seo analysis tool

1. Enter a target landing page URL from your site.

This could be your home page, service page, product page, resource page or a blog article. Basically any page you want to rank high.

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2. Enter a target keyword you want your landing page to rank for.

Enter one keyword you want to your landing page to rank for. Keep in mind, you can audit your landing pages for different keywords later.

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3. Run your analysis in about 30 seconds.

Our analysis' audits are instant and usually take about 30-45 seconds to complete.

website analyzer

4. Review your audit and look for good and bad SEO signals.

Each analysis displays shows a grade, your rankings and how well that landing page is optimized for the target keyword you entered. We'll display the good SEO signals in green and bad SEO signals in red.

seo analyzer

5. Watch videos and tutorials on how to fix your bad SEO signals.

If you don't know how to fix your bad SEO signals we offer videos and tutorials so you can learn how to fix your bad signals.

website SEO analyzer

6. Fix your bad SEO signals and rescan.

Once you think you've fixed your bad SEO signals, go ahead and rescan the page and see if your score improved. There is a direct correlation between higher grades and higher rankings.

website analysis

7. Run an SEO audit on a high ranking competitor.

Audit a higher ranking competitor landing page and we'll show you a side-by-side analysis of your page and theirs. You'll see exactly what they're doing right and what you're doing wrong.

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8. Track your keyword rankings in Google.

We'll track your rankings in Google for you, and we'll send you an email alert if any of your rankings move up or down in the search engine results pages.

This is why our algorithm
is the best in the world.

website analysis

We audit landing pages and blog articles, not entire websites.

When you perform a search in Google or any major search engine, the most relevant and popular landing pages are displayed in the search results. That's why our audit tool audits one landing page at a time for one keyword.

web site analysis

We're ethical and we follow all search engine guidelines.

We've been in the SEO business for a super long time. We know the industry extremely well. Everything we do is ethical and in accordance with all major search engine guidelines.

website analysis

We collect top data from partner sites like Moz.

We rely on some of the best information in the world. For example, our link analysis data comes from

our analysis engine

We make updates to our algorithm every year.

We always consider ourselves students of digital marketing and SEO, so we study and read everything. SEO isn't constant, it's always changing so we keep things up to date for you.

our clients around the world

Thousands of businesses all over the world rely on OptimizeMySite

If thousands of businesses all over the world trust us, you should as well. Not only do businesses trust us but SEO agencies all over the world trust and use our sister tool MySiteAuditor.

Why every business with a website
needs OptimizeMySite!

SEO analysis

You can run unlimited SEO audits.

There is no limit to the amount of audits you can run. You can audit all of your landing pages and every blog article to see if they are properly optimized for your target keywords.

keyword tracking tool

Track keywords and landing page rankings in Google.

We'll track all of your keyword rankings in Google for you. If anything changes, we'll send you an email notification and tell you how you can beat your competition.

competitor analysis screenshot

Spy on high ranking competitors.

Audit high ranking competitors and we'll display a side-by-side analysis showing you everything your high ranking competitors are doing, and more importantly, everything that you aren't doing.

OMS Score

Improve your OMS score for top landing pages and blog articles.

Each page on your site has an OMS score that determines how optimized that page is a for a target keyword. We'll show you how to improve your OMS score, thus improving your optimization.

seo tool for analysis of websites

Watch videos and tutorials. Learn how to fix your SEO problems.

We'll show you how to fix all of the SEO problems we found with instructions and "how to" videos. Re-scan your pages as much as you want until you get a higher score.

website analysis

Get your landing pages and articles ranked higher in major search engines.

You know the deal. The more optimized the pages of your site are for your targeted key phrases, the higher they will get ranked in search engines.

website analyzer

Get more targeted traffic, conversions, and sales.

Every high ranking web page is a doorway into your website. The more optimized doorways, the more targeted traffic can find your website.

Watch a 2-minute video explanation
on how OptimizeMySite works.